Process of a Ban Appeal

Got Banned and Need to appeal for a fair ban?
Most bans are Fly Hack bans. We frown upon hackers alot.
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Process of a Ban Appeal

Postby Maris » Thu May 05, 2016 3:50 pm

If the ban appeals are not laid out in the following order they don't be considered for an unban on the server.
We typically ban hackers ALOT and usually ban them even when no staff are online.

If you are appealing for fly hacking and tell us you weren't using "Fly Hacks"
Your appeal will be instantly rejected along with all future appeals.

"I got kicked for flying because I was falling" is not an excuse.
Just tell the truth. Really simple. We don't ban for no reason or without evidence first.
We check not only in-game, but the server logs for hacks
(EX:"Flying is not enabled on this server" kicks and " X ... Moved Wrongly!".).

I also pull player stats for more "detailed appeal cases" to check for
how fast you moved, how high you went, and what your mineBlock stats
are to compare if you did more grief than build.

Anyway, Here is the format.

1. Username:
2. Your Ban Reason:
3. Reason to Pardon:

Be sure to add a sorry for the trouble/hacks. If we don't feel your sorry or we think you plan on doing it again anyway.
We will not let you back in. All Appeals are a last chance. After you appeal and its accepted, That is the only appeal you get.
Hacking/Cheating/Griefing afterward will land you a Permanent ban and IP ban.

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