I killed FlyFF-US

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I killed FlyFF-US

Postby Maris » Fri Aug 19, 2016 6:50 am

Hello All. I am known as "Maris".

I've posted multiple videos on my channel down below in the description of this video about FlyFF's current policed community.

Who am I?

I'm a suspended and banned Veteran of FlyFF that sold 15 trillion penya in-game before I was
suspended in-game unjustifiably for talking about mod abuse in the forums about how they delete threads and silence players.

Click the #1 video in the description for details on that!

The amount of cash I have gotten from selling my penya to sellers is over ($4,000)usd. Equivalent to 500,000 wcoin from Webzen.
That amount of wcoin alone shows just how much I valued FlyFF and Just how rich I was in-game before I cashed out.
I was the richest player on FlyFF across all clusters.

Another Veteran, known as "Groose" was recently banned for posting under a different forum section by a Non-FlyFF forum moderator
because that mod abusively viewed Groose as a obnoxious poster and didn't care to listen to how he felt about Webzen to learn from it.

Me and Groose are now in cahoots with one another and with my troll team will be "griefing" all the webzen forums for a full day.
I will get back to that part in a moment, but first I want to discuss my thoughts on the current patch and the forums.
Since Groose isn't here. I will speak for him and dozens of other

First the patch.

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